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Course Code:OGBM
Course Name:Oil and Gas Business Management
Description:This course is aimed at providing a basis for functional managers and those whose experience has been limited to a particular area of the industry, to prepare for additional responsibilities by providing a broad base of knowledge covering the total spectrum skills related to the evaluation of opportunities and enhanced decision making.
This program covers:
Sources, Origin and Nature of Petroleum
 Fundamentals of organic chemistry
• Definition of petroleum
• The oil and gas industry
 Basic petroleum geology
• Origins of hydrocarbon deposits
 Exploration activities
• Exploration methods
• Drilling proposal
• Types of well
 Oil and gas field development
 Production
 Well fluids and surface production operations
 Transportation

Oil companies, Corporate Relationships and Structures
 Operating companies and service companies
• Local, national and multi-national oil and gas companies
• Major international oil companies
• National oil and gas companies
 Integrated and non-integrated companies
• Integrated companies
• Non-integrated companies
 Organization of petroleum exporting companies(OPEC)
 Other international and multi-national organizations
 International energy agency (IEA)
 Production sharing agreements
Processing Operations and Economics
 Gas processing operations
• Inlet separation
• Sulfur removal and sulfur recovery
• Dehydration
• Dew point control and byproduct recovery
• Gas compression
 Basic economics of the oil and gas industries
 Oil refining operations
• Distillation
• Product improvement processes
• Product conversion processes
• Other operations
Evaluation of Oil and Gas Opportunities
 Estimating the cost of oil and gas facilities
 Using historical costs
• Cost curves
• Adjusting for different sizes
• Adjusting for different time periods
 Building cash flow models
• What is financial modeling
• Who does financial modeling
• What are the steps in building a financial model
 Using cash flow models to evaluate projects
• Internal rate of return
• Net present value
• Benchmark indicators
Making Decisions Under Conditions of Certainty and Uncertainty
 Certainty
• Risk
• Crisis problem
 Uncertainty
• The role of probability in decisions
• Mathematical modelling of business processes
• Making management decisions under conditions of certainty
• Optimization of the model and interpretation of results
• Making management decisions under conditions of uncertainty

Start Date:01/09/2023
Duration:4 days
Location:Port-Harcourt, Lagos, Enugu, Delta,
Cost of Training:₦80,000.00