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Course Code:SPPM
Course Name:Strategic Procurement and Purchase Management
Description:This course is the key for many projects, because procured goods and services form the highest percentages of expenditure and so it is important to achieve value for money through careful appraisal and management. The procurement strategy will promote a controlled and auditable response to external influences and ensure that the project objectives are met.
However, this course aims at equipping participants with the capacity to develop management and strategic skills in procurement in order to increase value for money. It as well enables participants to assess the meanings and outcomes of the stages in the development of an effective procurement strategy and as well develop participant’s skills on how the process should be undertaken.
This program covers:
Introduction to Strategic Sourcing and Supply Management
• Evolution, objectives and responsibilities of supply management
• Trends and pressures affecting supply management
• How to determine the right supply chain for your product
The P2P Process, Purchasing Organization, and Commodity Strategy Development
• Best practices for the procure-to-pay process (P2P)
• Role and structure of purchasing departments and where they fit in the organizational structure
• Seven step process to develop your commodity strategy
Supplier Evaluation and Selection and the Analytic Hierarchy Process
• How to define important supplier characteristics and evaluation criteria
• Strategies for evaluating your suppliers
• Ways to improve your evaluation and selection process
Supplier Performance Management, Quality Management and Supply Base Integration
• Strategies, tools and techniques for measuring and managing supplier performance
• How to apply quality management concepts to manage supplier quality issues
• Understanding of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
• The value of quality buyer supplier relationships and developing your suppliers
Global Sourcing and Outsourcing
• How to analyze global trading partner data
• The role of international purchasing offices (IPO)
• When and how to enlist third party support
• Global trends and research on outsourcing
Electronic Procurement and Strategic Cost Management
• Objectives, benefits and challenges of e-procurement
• E-procurement tools that yield the greatest benefits
• Cost management across the entire supply chain
• Value engineering, value analysis, cost analysis and price analysis techniques
Negotiations, Law and Contract Management
• Four principles for getting to yes
• Effective negotiation tactics and method
• Laws of agency and buyers personal liability
• Fundamentals of contract law and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
Ethics and Green Procurement
• How your firm can promote ethical behavior
• Drivers of environmental sourcing and sustainability
• Generally recognized environmental standards and certifications

Start Date:10/02/2023
Duration:4 days
Location:Port-Harcourt, Lagos, Enugu, Delta,
Cost of Training:₦120,000.00