Aerodrume Rescue and Fire Fighting Training (ARFF)

Aerodrome rescue and fire fighting is a technical training and can only be handled by very experience Oil Train team in Nigeria.

Fresh Graduates Induction

We conducted basic and professional trainings for their new intakes, most training were 100% practical's.

Scaffolding / Working At Height Training

th Jan. 2014 Batch. Registration
Elaborate offshore and onshore scaffold training for our new client SPIE. Participants received 100% hand on practice training.

Defensive Driving Training

0th Jan. 2014 Batch. Registration

Quality journey management, accident investigation, driving defensively became a top priority for our client when they contacted us to deliver.

Blasting And Painting Training

20th Jan. 2014 Batch. Registration
We trained top RusselSmith engineers how to manage assets, blasting with different abrasive materials and coating with specific industrial standards.

Comprehensive Internal Safety Audit

th Jan. 2014 Batch. Registration

Techdaer needed to perform their own internal audit professionally, Oil Train thought them step by step how to and certified them to be internal auditors.

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