List of Recomended training and certification for anyone who wants to work in the Oil and Gas


Introduction to Drilling and Well Control:

This course covers the procedures and processes involved in restoring pressure control to a well. Blowout preventer equipment is described, pressures measured in the BOP are explained and circulation of the closed well is discussed. Simple practical exercises are used to describe the Driller Method and Wait and Weight Method of well control. However, this training is open to everyone, it is specifically aimed at those in the industry with a secondary involvement in well operations but students considering a career in oil and gas or anyone else with an interest in the industry will also find it insightful.

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Helicopter Underwater Escape Technique (HUET):

Helicopter underwater escape training (HUET) is a training on how to escape from a helicopter that crashes into water. It is a critical training that arms you with the tactical knowledge and skills to reduce fatalities during a helicopter emergency that occurs in water. This training holds on a helicopter simulator that is submerged in water. This course also aims at: preparing participants for emergency exit in the event of a helicopter crash landing over water. Increase a personal situational awareness abilities in order to save time during emergencies. Help participants understand how to use seat belt and control excessive buoyancy caused by safety suits inside. Teaches participants how to operate external breathing apparatus.

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Helicopter Landing Officers HLO Training

Our Helicopter landing Officer training is conducted in accordance with OPITO standards. Our HLO detailed training certifies participants of this course to work anywhere as a member of the helideck personnel and mostly as a helicopter landing officer.

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Basic Rig Training for Roustabouts (BRTR):

The rig helpers / roustabout training is one of the most important training for anyone who have dreams of working onshore and offshore. Many companies search to employ holders of the rig helpers certificate because candidates are seen suitable to work immediately assume duties and are seen to have the necessary trainings to copy with the ever demand of the oil and gas fields. It also acquaints students who have little or no knowledge about the oil and gas to its nature and operations, Introduces the role and duties of the roustabout to the students, Introduces the students to necessary coded oil and gas languages, More importantly the roustabout course is a three certificate on one package.


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Oil & Gas Risk Management (OGRM):


Because of increased pressure to deliver projects on time, within budget and with the agreed components, the need to identify, manage and control the project based risks becomes central to success. Project Managers need to use tried and accepted techniques for managing identified risks and have access to practical strategies for dealing with issues as they emerge. Using a mixture of presentations, discussions and practical exercises related to oil and gas industry, this course addresses these issues in a concise and pragmatic manner.

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Offshore/Onshore Basic Rig Operation (OBRO):

It is typically an entry level position in the oil and gas rig which does not require a specialized certificate or profession. Basic rig training course has been designed to prepare students to undertake duties and responsibility in the onshore and offshore oil and gas rig.


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Rigging & Slinging (RAS):

This course helps candidate to be proficient in coordinating lifting while the banksmen course will teach a banksman how to communicate effectively with every crane operator. Both the riggers and the banksmen skill is highly needed to work safely and efficiently with and around the crane and any other lifting earth moving equipment.  

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Emergency Response Plan (ERP):

This course helps to provide an understanding of the planning and preparation of emergency response plans. Participants would bring their existing plans for review and to determine gaps as they move through the course. Participants will collaborate in small groups to analyze scenarios using incident videos and case studies. However, this course is also designed for operations, safety and maintenance engineers, ERP element leaders and team members as well as site process safety management (PSM) leaders and team members. The content is highly technical, requiring the facilitator and participants to be familiar with outputs of process hazards analysis and have an understanding of the possible emergency scenarios.

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Cranes & Derricks Safety:

This course is designed to help familiarize employees with the OSHA standards regulating the safe operation and use of cranes, derricks and hoists in both the construction and general industries.

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Introduction to Subsea Operation (ITSO):

This course gives candidates the knowledge and understanding required to meet the government’s regulations on subsea operations and allows companies to have on record that they have taken reasonable steps to meet those regulations.
Offshore/Onshore Safety Induction Training (OSIT)
Work over & Completion Operation, Basic H2S

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Oil & Gas Project Management:

Oil and gas project management will equip participants with the tools and techniques needed to deliver a successful oil and gas project. The use of projects and project management in the oil and gas industry is becoming more and more important for all kinds of organizations. Businesses regularly use project management to accomplish unique outcomes under the constraints of resources and effective implementation of project management techniques is one of the essential means of achieving an organizations strategy. This course thus addresses the basic nature of managing general projects in the oil and gas industry and does not limit its focus to one type of project such as construction projects.

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General Health Safety & Environment (HSE level 1&2): This course introduces students to HSE General and certifies them as HSE competent. After this course students will obtain the HSE General certificate from Oil and Gas Training Institute No2 most recognized Training Institute in Nigeria.

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Advanced Health Safety & Environment (HSE level 3): On completion this course, participants will be provided with theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to address and promote good standards of occupational health and Environmental safety management within an organization.


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Process Safety:

This training is designed for operations and maintenance managers, technical, operations and maintenance engineers, front line supervision and process safety element leaders and team. At heart, process safety management is about recognizing hazards and the associated risks. As such, it is critical that companies develop a risk matrix appropriate to the nature of risks and then build awareness across the organization through structured on the job learning.

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Leadership and Management Course:

Project Management (Prince2 Methodology): Prince 2 project management training is a defacto process based method for effective project management. it is used extensively by the UK Government, Prince 2 is also widely recognized and used in the private sector, both in the UK and internationally.

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Human Resource Management:

This course has been specifically designed to take participants through the core knowledge requirements HR professionals require for effective practice. The course includes modules that relate to real life situations in the form of case studies and discussions. It also prepares participants for higher Human Resource certification examinations. However, it provides an introduction to the various functions of human resource management, including compensation and benefits, staffing, recruitment and selection, research, labour relations, training and development, health and safety, planning, mediation and arbitration, the influence of government legislation on industry and human rights legislation and employment equity.

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Storekeeping & Warehouse/Material Management:

This course is aimed at providing participants with an appreciation of the need to control inventory, which represents a significant investment for an organization. They are provided with an insight on how their functions can affect profitability and are introduced to a range of modern techniques for securing the efficient storage of inventory.

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Environmental Management System (ISO 14001):

This training provides industry with a model for managing and improving their environmental impacts. The training will provide participants with an overview of the purpose and requirements of ISO I400I as a tool for the management of environmental aspects and impacts.

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Quality Management System (ISO 9001):

This course is designed to help participants understand the concepts of the ISO 900I standard along with the principles and best practices of leading management systems and process audits in accordance with ISO I90II and I702I. Participants gain necessary auditing skills through a balance of formal classroom tutorials, role playing, group workshops and open forum discussions.

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Medic First Aid, AED and CPR:

This course is designed to help participants with the practical skills in a fun and interactive learning environment to be able to recognize life threatening situations, offer vital assistance before more experienced help arrives and to advance their first aid skill to the next level.


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