General HSE Level (1 & 2 )

HSE General Certificate is one of the most industrial  required certification.   

Training Duration: 5 Days


Advanced HSE Supervision Level (3)

Advanced HSE is the  completion course for  the HSE competent level, candidates seeking to be HSE complaint should proceed to complete the Advance HSE course.

Training Duration: 5 Days



All NEBOSH Courses, Foriegn Certificate


HSE Manager's Level Course

At managers level the Safety Professional must be able to establish and coordinate the entire system of a company, the managers course establishes as HSE manager.

Training Duration: 2 Weeks


Rig Safety Course

The rig safety course is for everyone who have dreams of working and working safe in the oil and gas platforms.  

Training Duration: 4 Days




All OSHA Courses, Foriegn Certificate

Marine Safety Course

Certification in marine safety is highly needed for marine tailored jobs, this course is recommended for all candidates.

Training Duration: 3 Days



Construction Safety

Construction safety training reveals deeper safety technique around the construction industrials. Highly recommended for those in the construction industry.

Training Duration: 3 Days



All iosh COURSES Forign Certificate

Food Handing And HSE in Catering Mgrt

Food safety is increasingly becoming very important to many companies more especially the multinational companies, a knowledge in food safety will give you an edge.

Training Duration: 2 Days



Basic Fire Fighting

Enough knowledge on how to prevent and fight fire is need especially for anyone who dreams of working in the oil and gas. 

Training Duration: 2 Days



ISO Courses With Foreign Certificates

Unsafe Act Auditing

A especial course for experience health and safety officers who want to grow their skills in safety/ work site auditing.


Training Duration: 3 Days


Walking At Hight Safety

Working at any height is considered one of the most delicate places to work from. This course is design for candidates that will work from elevated platforms.

Training Duration: 2 Days



OPITO Course With Foreign Certificate

WorkPlace Conflict Management

Specially design course and certification for candidates who wants be professionals in conflict management.

Training Duration: 2 Days



First Aid And CPR

Everyone needs the knowledge and certification in first aid, this a thorough course for  first aid and CPR

Training Duration: 2 Days




All BSC Courses, Forign Certificate

Chemical Safety

Properly handling of chemical is paramount not only for chemists but for everyone who will work or want to work close to corrosive substances. Chemical handling chemicals will give you an edge.

Training Duration: 2 Days


Accident Invistagation Course

Accident investigation a is another high level training for safety professionals who wants to major in safety consultancy.  

Training Duration: 3 Day




ICP Course, Forign Certificate

See Courses
Confine Space Safety

Confine spaces are another delicate place to work in, only special training and certification such as this can qualify you to work in confine spaces.

Training Duration: 2 Days



Riggers Safety Course

Safety course in rigging is highly essential for anyone who must work in any offshore or onshore.

Training Duration: 2 Days


Crane Safety

Learn how to work with cranes safely more so, learn how to effectively communicate with crane operators by signaling.


Training Duration: 2 Days


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