Safety Services

We are the one of the best and the second most accredited safety / Security Company in Nigeria, We train either on our location using one of the best training facilities or we train our clients company or job site.

Equipment Procurement

Oil Train have the expertise to procure with exact specification, we have the financial strength to procure to your desire quantity.

HRM / Man Power Supply

th Jan. 2014 Batch. Registration

Oil Train consistently trains and equips lots of professionals who are industrious and are ready to work, we provide manpower of divers qualifications skills and abilities.

Rig Wash / Oil Spill Cleaning.

0th Jan. 2014 Batch. Registration

We do all kinds of machine wash, industrial cleaning and general housekeeping for Corporate Companies, let's handle it for your company even if it's though workplace stains, no enter tanks cleaning and also rig wash.

Corossion Control

20th Jan. 2014 Batch. Registration
We do welding inspection, pipe treatment, anti-corrosion application, sand blasting, painting /coating .

Corporate Staff Training

th Jan. 2014 Batch. Registration

We provide international level training and issue world accepted certificate. We either train on our fully equipped facility or on the company's site. Click here to see our list of courses >

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