Basic Welding Course

At Oil Train, our comprehensive Basic Welding Course is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and hands-on skills needed to master the craft of welding.


It’s a lot easy for companies (corporate) to  book courses their personnel courses with us, we are very flexible.

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Course Outline

    1. Introduction to Welding

      • Overview of welding and its applications
      • Importance of welding in various industries
      • Safety precautions and personal protective equipment (PPE) for welding
    2. Welding Processes

      • Introduction to different welding processes (e.g., arc welding, MIG welding, TIG welding)
      • Explanation of each welding process and their characteristics
      • Selection of appropriate welding process for different materials and applications
    3. Welding Equipment and Tools

      • Overview of welding equipment and their functions (e.g., welding machine, electrodes, filler metals)
      • Introduction to welding tools (e.g., welding clamps, chipping hammer, wire brush)
      • Proper setup and maintenance of welding equipment
    4. Welding Techniques and Positions

      • Basic welding techniques (e.g., striking an arc, controlling the weld pool)
      • Different welding positions (e.g., flat position, horizontal position, vertical position)
      • Practical exercises to practice welding techniques and positions
    5. Welding Joints and Symbols

      • Common types of welding joints (e.g., butt joint, lap joint, T-joint)
      • Interpretation of welding symbols and blueprints
      • Techniques for preparing and fitting metal for welding joints
    6. Welding Safety and Inspection

      • Safety procedures for welding operations
      • Hazard identification and risk assessment
      • Weld quality inspection and common defects
    7. Welding Metallurgy

      • Introduction to basic metallurgical principles
      • Understanding the behavior of different metals during welding
      • Heat-affected zone (HAZ) and its effects on the welded joint
    8. Hands-on Practice

      • Practical welding exercises under the guidance of an instructor
      • Application of different welding techniques and processes
      • Fabrication of simple projects to reinforce skills
    9. Troubleshooting and Maintenance

      • Common welding problems and their solutions
      • Maintenance and troubleshooting of welding equipment
      • Welding defects and their causes

On successful completion of the basic welding course, every participant will get an accredited certificate, ( certificate is accepted internationally)

The participant will also have the option to get

  • Self Breathing Safety Certification( optional N30,000) 

First Aid and CPR certificates 

( optional N30,000)

Course Fees

Request [email protected], WhatsApp +234 7036248614 

Course Duration

3 Days 

Registration Is Ongoing:


  • Register at any of the training centers nationwide



  • WhatsApp +234 7036248614 to start your registration process.


Port Harcourt:

17 Sentel, East, West Road, Port Harcourt



No 2 Allen avenue, Ikeja Lagos


Other Locations we can deliver this training for corporate requests:

Ibadan, Warri, Calabar, Eketi, Enugu, Abuja, and others.


Online training available for this course:


To complete this training online Email:  [email protected]


  • Call or WhatsApp  +234 7036 248 614 



Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQs)

Who needs Basic Welding Course?

Anyone who wishes to start a career as a welder.

How many certificates will I receive after this course?

On completion, the participant will get one (1) certificate with an option for extra 2 certificates.

What certification will I get after completion of this training?

on completion, participants get an OSHA  certificate.


since 2017, We have completed almost all our personnel training and certification with Oil and Gas training institute, we are happy to state that it's been all good all these years and our connections with Oil Train is growing further.

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