Lead Awareness Course

Our lead Awareness Training is designed to educate participants about the hazards of lead exposure, provide guidance on safe work practices, and raise awareness about the importance of lead management in various settings.

At Oil train, we can organize lead awareness training in your company location or our training institute.


It’s a lot easy for companies (corporate) to  book courses their personnel courses with us, we are very flexible.

What You Will Benefit When Your Book Corporate Training With Oil Train:

  • Training Time Flexibility 

  • Quality training facility

  • Tailored Training Delivery Mode

  • Training venue flexibility ( We can deliver this training at your location)

  • Hard copy certificate sent to you

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Course Outline

  1. Module 1: Introduction to Awareness and Mindful Leadership

    • Understanding the importance of awareness and mindfulness in leadership
    • Exploring the benefits of leading with mindfulness and awareness
    • Differentiating between reactive and responsive leadership
    • Cultivating a growth mindset for effective leadership

    Module 2: Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence

    • Developing self-awareness and its impact on leadership effectiveness
    • Recognizing and managing emotions in oneself and others
    • Building emotional intelligence for better decision-making
    • Enhancing self-regulation and stress management skills

    Module 3: Mindfulness Practices for Leaders

    • Introduction to various mindfulness techniques and practices
    • Incorporating mindfulness into daily routines and work environments
    • Deepening focus, concentration, and clarity of thought
    • Practicing mindfulness to enhance active listening and empathy

    Module 4: Creating an Inclusive Work Environment

    • Understanding the importance of diversity and inclusion in leadership
    • Identifying unconscious biases and promoting inclusive behaviors
    • Cultivating an inclusive work culture that values diverse perspectives
    • Mitigating conflicts and fostering collaboration within diverse teams

    Module 5: Communication and Collaboration

    • Effective communication strategies for mindful leaders
    • Developing active listening skills to foster better understanding
    • Providing constructive feedback with empathy and compassion
    • Enhancing collaboration and teamwork through mindful leadership

    Module 6: Leading Change Mindfully

    • Leading and managing organizational change with awareness
    • Overcoming resistance to change and fostering adaptability
    • Empowering and inspiring teams during times of change
    • Promoting a culture of continuous learning and growth

    Module 7: Sustaining Personal Well-being

    • Prioritizing self-care and well-being as a mindful leader
    • Building resilience and managing stress in high-pressure situations
    • Establishing work-life integration and boundaries
    • Nurturing personal growth and development

    Module 8: Applying Mindful Leadership in Real-World Scenarios

    • Integrating mindfulness and awareness into everyday leadership practices
    • Case studies and practical exercises to apply learned concepts
    • Reflecting on personal leadership experiences and challenges
    • Developing an action plan for continued growth and development as a mindful leader

On successful completion of the  Lead course, every participant will get a NUPRC and OSHA accredited certificate, ( certificate is accepted internationally)

The participant will also have the option to get

  • Self Breathing Safety Certification( optional N30,000) 

First Aid and CPR certificates 

( optional N30,000)

Course Fees

Request [email protected], WhatsApp +234 7036248614 

Course Duration

3 Days 

Registration Is Ongoing:


  • Register at any of the training centers nationwide



  • WhatsApp +234 7036248614 to start your registration process.


Port Harcourt:

17 Sentel, East, West Road, Port Harcourt



No 2 Allen avenue, Ikeja Lagos


Other Locations we can deliver this training for corporate requests:

Ibadan, Warri, Calabar, Eketi, Enugu, Abuja, and others.


Online training available for this course:


To complete this training online Email:  [email protected]


  • Call or WhatsApp  +234 7036 248 614 



Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQs)

Who needs This Course  Course?

Anywhere who would be exposed to lead, HSE officers

How many certificates will I receive after this course?

On completion, the participant will get one (1) certificate with an option for extra 2 certificates.

What certification will I get after completion of this training?

on completion, participants gets an OSHA  certificate.


since 2017, We have completed almost all our personnel training and certification with Oil and Gas training institute, we are happy to state that it's been all good all these years and our connections with Oil Train is growing further.

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