Marine Surveying Techniques Course

The Marine Surveying Techniques course provides comprehensive knowledge and practical skills required for conducting surveys and inspections of marine vessels and structures. This course is designed for individuals interested in pursuing a career in marine surveying or for professionals seeking to enhance their existing knowledge and skills in this field.


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Course Outline

    1. Introduction to Marine Surveying:

      • Overview of marine surveying profession
      • Roles and responsibilities of a marine surveyor
      • Industry standards and regulations
    2. Types of Surveys:

      • Pre-purchase surveys
      • Condition and valuation surveys
      • Insurance surveys
      • Damage surveys
      • On-hire and off-hire surveys
      • Safety and compliance surveys
    3. Vessel Inspection Techniques:

      • Hull and structural inspections
      • Machinery and equipment inspections
      • Electrical and electronic systems inspections
      • Navigation and communication systems inspections
      • Safety equipment inspections
    4. Damage Assessment:

      • Identifying and assessing different types of damage
      • Determining the cause and extent of damage
      • Evaluating repair options and estimating costs
      • Reporting on damage assessment findings
    5. Safety and Regulatory Considerations:

      • International and national regulations
      • Safety equipment and emergency procedures
      • Risk assessment and mitigation strategies
      • Environmental protection measures
    6. Reporting and Documentation:

      • Survey report writing techniques
      • Use of industry-standard forms and templates
      • Effective communication with clients and stakeholders
      • Legal and ethical considerations in reporting
    7. Practical Applications:

      • Conducting simulated surveys and inspections
      • Case studies and real-world examples
      • Hands-on exercises with surveying equipment
      • Field visits to marine vessels and structures (if feasible)

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Course Duration

3 Days 

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Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQs)

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Marine Surveying Techniques Course?


How many certificates will I receive after this course?

On completion, the participant will get one (1) certificate with an option for extra 2 certificates.

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International Certificate


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