Radiation Safety Course

Advanced firefighting is a continuation of the basic firefighting certificate course, further required for candidates who want to work in the Oil and gas industry or any other high-risk industry. Moreso, an advanced firefighting course gives the participant a deeper understanding on advanced fire fighting techniques, fire dynamics and others.


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Course Outline

    1. Introduction to Radiation:

      • Basic concepts of radiation (ionizing and non-ionizing radiation)
      • Types of radiation sources (natural and artificial)
      • Units of radiation measurement (e.g., sieverts, rem, becquerel, curie)
    2. Biological Effects of Radiation:

      • Health effects of radiation exposure
      • Acute and chronic radiation effects
      • Radiation dose-response relationships
      • Stochastic and deterministic effects
    3. Radiation Protection Principles:

      • ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable)
      • Time, distance, and shielding as protection measures
      • Radiation risk assessment and management
      • Regulatory requirements and standards
    4. Radiation Detection and Measurement:

      • Types of radiation detectors (e.g., Geiger-Muller, scintillation, ionization chambers)
      • Instrument calibration and quality assurance
      • Radiation monitoring and survey techniques
      • Personal protective equipment (PPE) and dosimetry badges
    5. Radiation Safety Practices:

      • Safe handling and storage of radioactive materials
      • Contamination control and decontamination procedures
      • Radiation safety in medical and industrial settings
      • Emergency preparedness and response
    6. Radiation Regulations and Compliance:

      • National and international radiation safety regulations
      • Licensing and registration requirements
      • Radiation safety committees and responsible parties
      • Reporting and record-keeping obligations
    7. Radiation Safety in Specific Applications:

      • Radiography and industrial radiography
      • Nuclear medicine and radiopharmaceuticals
      • Radiation therapy and oncology
      • Radiation safety in research laboratories
    8. Case Studies and Practical Exercises:

      • Real-life scenarios and case studies
      • Hands-on demonstrations of radiation monitoring equipment
      • Simulation exercises for radiation incidents or emergencies
      • Safety procedures and protocols in practical applications
    9. Radiation Safety Culture and Communication:

      • Establishing a culture of radiation safety
      • Communication and training strategies
      • Risk communication with stakeholders
      • Ethical considerations in radiation safety
    10. Examination and Certification:

      • Final examination to assess knowledge and understanding
      • Certification or accreditation upon successful completion

On successful completion of the  Radiation Safety course, every participant will get a NUPRC and OSHA accredited certificate, ( certificate is accepted internationally)

The participant will also have the option to get

  • Self Breathing Safety Certification( optional N30,000) 

First Aid and CPR certificates 

( optional N30,000)

Course Fees

Request [email protected], WhatsApp +234 7036248614 

Course Duration

3 Days 

Registration Is Ongoing:


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Port Harcourt:

17 Sentel, East, West Road, Port Harcourt



No 2 Allen avenue, Ikeja Lagos


Other Locations we can deliver this training for corporate requests:

Ibadan, Warri, Calabar, Eketi, Enugu, Abuja, and others.


Online training available for this course:


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Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQs)

Who needs Radiation  Safety Course?

Everyone who will be expose to radiation, anyone who will work offshore 

How many certificates will I receive after this course?

On completion, the participant will get one (1) certificate with an option for extra 2 certificates.

What certification will I get after completion of this training?

on completion, participants gets an OSHA  certificate.


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