Fire Fighting Course

Fire Fighting Course In Oil Train

At Oil Train our Basic firefighting course is done more of a practical training than a classroom, we ensure that every participant:

  • Understands Fire, fire behaviors
  • Understands how to prevent fire from occurring
  • Learn how to use firefighting equipment and tools
  • Learn practical skills on how to suppress fire with the use of a fire extinguisher and fire host
  • Participants will also learn fire evacuation and rescue procedures; this is one the most important procedures in firefighting.


It’s a lot easy for companies (corporate) to  book courses their personnel courses with us, we are very flexible.

What You Will Benefit When Your Book Corporate Training With Oil Train:

  • Training Time Flexibility 

  • Quality training facility

  • Tailored Training Delivery Mode

  • Training venue flexibility ( We can deliver this training at your location)

  • Hard copy certificate sent to you

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Course Outline

                              Introduction to Fire Fighting:

        • Fire behavior and stages of fire
        • Fire safety regulations and standards
        • Fire prevention and risk assessment
      1. Firefighting Equipment and Personal Protective Gear:

        • Types of firefighting equipment and their functions
        • Proper handling and usage of firefighting tools
        • Personal protective equipment (PPE) and its importance
      2. Fire Incident Response:

        • Emergency response procedures
        • Evacuation plans and strategies
        • Incident command system and roles
      3. Fire Suppression Techniques:

        • Fire suppression agents and methods
        • Hose handling and nozzle techniques
        • Foam applications and extinguisher usage
      4. Search and Rescue Operations:

        • Conducting systematic searches in smoke-filled environments
        • Rescue techniques for trapped individuals
        • Self-rescue and firefighter survival skills
      5. Ventilation and Smoke Control:

        • Importance of ventilation in fire suppression
        • Techniques for effective smoke control
        • Ventilation equipment and procedures
      6. Teamwork and Communication:

        • Effective communication in emergency situations
        • Coordination within firefighting teams
        • Incident scene management and accountability
      7. Practical Training and Simulations:

        • Hands-on exercises in fire suppression and rescue techniques
        • Simulation drills to enhance decision-making and problem-solving skills

On successful completion of the  Fire Fighting course, every participant will get a NUPRC and OSHA accredited certificate, ( certificate is accepted internationally)

The participant will also have the option to get

  • Self Breathing Safety Certification( optional N30,000) 

First Aid and CPR certificates 

( optional N30,000)

Course Fees

Request [email protected], WhatsApp +234 7036248614 

Course Duration

3 Days 

Registration Is Ongoing:


  • Register at any of the training centers nationwide



  • WhatsApp +234 7036248614 to start your registration process.


Port Harcourt:

17 Sentel, East, West Road, Port Harcourt



No 2 Allen avenue, Ikeja Lagos


Other Locations we can deliver this training for corporate requests:

Ibadan, Warri, Calabar, Eketi, Enugu, Abuja, and others.


Online training available for this course:


To complete this training online Email:  [email protected]


  • Call or WhatsApp  +234 7036 248 614 



Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQs)

Who needs Fire Fighting  Course?

Firefighting certification is a requirement in all industries, its expected that everyone who wants to work in risky environments should have fire fighting  certificate

How many certificates will I receive after this course?

On completion, the participant will get one (1) certificate with an option for extra 2 certificates.

What certification will I get after completion of this training?

on completion, participants gets an OSHA  certificate.


since 2017, We have completed almost all our personnel training and certification with Oil and Gas training institute, we are happy to state that it's been all good all these years and our connections with Oil Train is growing further.

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